Object Oriented Programming Concepts

When one talks about object oriented programming, it’s not just the objects and classes, it’s how you can use them to simplify the process of programming. There are many different concepts or definitions that affect the process of programming and readability of the code. This article will provide you basic information about objects, classes, inheritance, abstraction, composition, encapsulation and polymorphism.

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Advantages of C++

C++ has now been in use in the industry for about four decades. Bjarne Stroustrup was developed in 1979 by while he started working on C with classes. He added object-oriented programming to the C language making it a superset of the C language.  The ++ ahead of C indicates that C++ is an increment over C. Till 1983, C++ was called C with classes, then it was renamed to C++. Let’s look over some of the advantages of C and then C++, which will help us to know the power of C++ over C.

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Introduction to C++

Learning a new programming language is an adventure in itself. It is similar to learning an instrument like piano, violin, guitar, etc. or gaining an athletic skill like playing baseball, volleyball, football, running, etc. or doing research in academics. Likewise, learning a new programming language requires time and practice. It takes more amount of effort in gaining expertise in the same. The key to learn a programming language is by solving the challenging problems. There appears to be no real shortcut. But, people are in a big rush to learn programming. It provides them with the basic knowledge of the subject.

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