Programming Languages in 2019

Programming a computer has been around for decades. It has literally change the way we see the world. As the world has advanced so have the programming languages. Starting from assembly language to low-level language, people now program in high-level language. Jobs have also increased in the programming sector. But there is a large amount deficiency for an experienced programmer. You should try to learn at least one language to its full potential. Learning one language provides ease in learning other languages.

When you start programming, the first thing that comes to mind is the language you want to start with. With time, technology has changed. There are many languages, which can help you solve a particular problem. Choosing a language also depends on the task you want to achieve. Here is a list of programming languages depending on the pros, cons, learning difficulty, jobs posting and rankings on various sites.


Python is one of the general-purpose programming language. It is an object-oriented language. Python can support multiple systems and can easily run on different platforms. It has a rich library. Many tasks can be done less time than other languages. With the rich documentation and support, it is now used in various enterprises for web development, desktop applications, business applications, scientific computing, etc. In this era, python is used mainly for AI and Machine Learning applications.

The only drawback is that it is not being used for developing mobile applications. Java is used for android development.

Python is one of the top most loved programming language. It is most wanted language in the survey. This programming language has grown more than any other language in the recent years. It is one of the easiest language to learn because of its readability of code and rich documentation. Average salary for any Python developer in United States is $115,000 per year.


JavaScript is one of the most used programming language. Almost any software development needs JavaScript. People use Javascrpt for front-end development of the website. Backend development is also possible in javascript. Website uses Node.js for back-end development. Many big companies uses JavaScript for their applications. Nearly all the browsers are compatile with javascript. It helps in providing a large amount of audience. Many platforms like PhoneGap/Cordova use javascript for developing mobile application. JS also works easily with different languages, making it a more versatile and future language.

The only disadvantage is that, it can sometimes be differently interpreted by different browsers.

JavaScript is easy to learn at the beginner’s level. Although the complexity can increase with the new terms. It has a rich documentation and is widely used. Average salary for JavaScript developers in United States is $110,000 per year.


Java has been in the industry for the past 20 years. It is widely used for the development of Android mobile application development. Many of the large enterprises use this language mainly because it is platform independent. It can be sum up in one sentence as “write once, run everywhere”. Most of the back end applications in programming industry uses Java. Java is an object-oriented language with many open source libraries. It has a wide range of business applications, making it one of the most demanding language for getting a job. 

Java does not contain memory management like C/C++, which makes it easy to code but less efficient than C/C++.  

Learning java is easy, although it is advised to use any scripting language if you have just started to program. Java has rich open source libraries, which make development easy (provided you know them:)). Average salary for a Java developer in United States is $101,000 per year.


PHP is a server side scripting language. It is used as a back-end programming language for developing websites. For front-end programming HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used. Most of the websites including the tech giants Facebook, yahoo, wikipedia, etc. work on PHP.  PHP is used for a variety of purposes, like creating cookies, collecting and displaying information, dynamic image storing etc. PHP is both functional and object-oriented so a programmer can use the type of programming required to complete the task. It has a large open source community. Some of the frameworks like Laravel and Drupal help in developing the applications much faster . It is mostly used for e-commerce and content management system.

Although, there are some limitations that may want you to not choose this language. Single task can be done in a variety of ways that make it hard to understand others code. It also has security issues. 

It is easier to learn PHP. But it is also important to comment the code, as it can become difficult to understand the functionality sometimes.The average salary for a PHP developer in United States is $80,000 per year.


Rust is a new system-level programming language. It is developed by Mozilla Foundation. Rust operates as low-level programming language, hence is useful for embedded devices. It can easily integrate with other languages. Its rich documentation helps to get along with the new language. 

Hundreds of companies have tried Rust for fast and cross-platform solutions. It claims to cover nearly all the areas from web services to embedded systems. In 2018, Rust was the most loved and wanted language on Stack Overflow Developer survey.

It is a bit difficult to get started. But it is supposed to have a bright future ahead.


Even after 20 years of development C++ is going strong. It is one of the most popular programming languages. C++ is fast, reliable, efficient and flexible. It is an object-oriented language. It has remained in high demand due to its high performance. Many languages are built on C and C++. Java, Objective-C, C# are either built using C or inspired by C. C++ is built on C. A major difference between these two is in the object-oriented concepts. C++ supports abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, etc. while these are lacking in C. Look at the article here to know the difference between C and C++.

C++ has vast applications in Gaming Industry and desktop applications. C++ also solves many high computing mathematical problems in lesser time than other languages.

The only drawback is that C++ is difficult to learn. The standard library is not that large compared to other languages.

Average salary of C++ developer in Untied States is approximately $110,000.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a programming language for databases. This language deal with tables. Tables store all the data. Single column of the table stores the data of identical type. It is an efficient way of storing the information and it also becomes easy for calculations of data. 

SQL is used all across in database applications, whether its desktop, web or mobile applications. It involves storing, manipulating and retrieving the data. The complexity grows as one starts collecting variety of data.

An SQL database runs on a server, so if the server is down or stop working, data can’t be accessed. 

As the database applications are widely used and, in every field, it provides engineer with ample opportunities to work in the field. The average salary earned by SQL developer in United States is $80,000.

There are many other languages that have a bright future. Here are some of the languages that you can see and reasearch about





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