Rock Paper Scissor

Rock Paper Scissor is a hand game played between two people. Write a C++ program to implement this game using the conditional statements.

Rules of the game

  • Rock crushes Scissor
  • Paper covers Rock
  • Scissor cuts Paper
using namespace std;
int main(){
	cout<<"ROCK(1) PAPER(2) SCISSOR(3)"<<endl;
	int choice1,choice2;
	enum choice{ROCK=1,PAPER=2,SCISSOR=3};
	cout<<"Enter your choice"<<endl;
	cout<<"Player 1 : ";
	cout<<"Player 2 : ";
	else if(choice1==ROCK){
		if(choice2==PAPER) cout<<"Player 2 wins"<<endl;
		else cout<<"Player 1 wins"<<endl;
	else if(choice1==PAPER){
		if(choice2==ROCK) cout<<"Player 1 wins"<<endl;
		else cout<<"Player 2 wins"<<endl;
		if(choice2==ROCK) cout<<"Player 2 wins"<<endl;
		else cout<<"Player 1 wins"<<endl;
	return 0;
Paper Covers Rock
output of the above program. Paper Covers Rock.

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