Errors in C/C++

An error in programming is something that is either written or executed incorrectly.  These errors can create problems in running a program properly. It is better to create error free programs, which everybody tries to achieve. Some errors can be seen by your naked eye, some can be caught by compilers, while some can be pretty hard to detect. These errors can affect your program adversely, by not giving you the desired output for a proper input. In that situation, it can take hours to days to get to know the error in the program. So, it is better to write the program carefully, than finding the error in your program later on.

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Programming Languages in 2019

Programming a computer has been around for decades. It has literally change the way we see the world. As the world has advanced so have the programming languages. Starting from assembly language to low-level language, people now program in high-level language. Jobs have also increased in the programming sector. But there is a large amount deficiency for an experienced programmer. You should try to learn at least one language to its full potential. Learning one language provides ease in learning other languages.

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